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  • Watching: Lots of Harem Anime
  • Playing: Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest
I don't know if anyone missed me, but I think it's time I stopped ignoring my DA account.  For the past year I was gone, I've decided to become a Youtuber and start a review show.  Here's a huge list of videos I've uploaded since my last entry:

  • Watching: Lots of Harem Anime
  • Playing: Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest

Eeesh, 2 months without an update.
  • Watching: Chaika the Coffin Princess
  • Playing: Smash Bros DS

We finally broke the Episode 3 curse that has plagued Sugarpunch from continuing a project past 2 episodes.

I've also attended more conventions in one year than ever before and somehow landed a dream job of working in an anime merchandise wholesale warehouse.

and I'm going out with :iconcrackingskulls: now.  She is amazing.

What a year.
  • Listening to: Study x Study
  • Watching: Ouran Host Club
  • Playing: Bravely Default

Right as I'm leaving to go to Anime Expo, our next video review is uploaded!
  • Listening to: Heavy Day
  • Reading: One Punch Man
  • Watching: Canaan
  • Playing: Bravely Default

You can view our first episode here.
  • Listening to: Witch Activity
  • Reading: One Punch Man
  • Watching: No Game No Life
  • Playing: Conception 2
I have a job now, so expect a lot less comics from me.
  • Listening to: Classroom Monochrome by Ayahi Takagaki
  • Reading: Sankarea
  • Watching: Kill la Kill
  • Playing: Pokemon Y
This is where I post a to do list.

...but whats the freaking point anymore.
  • Listening to: Vitalization by Nana Mizuki
  • Watching: Symphogear G
  • Drinking: Hot Chocolate
read it here:…

to do list:

Anime Expo Preparations:
- Reprint out of stock Pins
- Draw Aatrox
- Draw New Karma (optional)
- Make a Guilty Gear Set
- Make an Idolmster set (optional)
- Update the display stand.

- Bullet Princess vs Shadow Princess
- Satin vs Lily Feather
- Satin vs Goth Girls
- Experimental Cue comic
- Veronica vs anyone who wants to fight her.
  • Listening to: Guren no Yumiya
  • Reading: Beach Stars
  • Watching: The Devil is a Part Timer
with a terror pouch full of money and a whole lotta loot.…………………

and now to prepare for anime expo.

....once I'm dont with my battle against energy…
  • Listening to: What's your Deal Ryu-Gi
  • Reading: One-Punch Man
  • Watching: Attack on Titan
  • Playing: Sanctum 2
So because of my low self esteem, I'll be doing commissions for as low as 10 bucks, but I'm only gonna do B&W stuff (with maybe a single other color)

so stuff like this:
Hostile Takeover by Majikura
Void X-Mas Jam: Satin by Majikura

in other news: Lexicon vs Gray is up:…

----To do List ----
Void Related
- Horizon Page Tag (top priority)
- Satin vs Andy Heller
- Veronica vs Tsumi rematch
- Bullet Princess vs Johnny Sweet
- Bullet Princess vs Lt. Angus Blackader
- Design Sheet for Calamity Princess

Princess War
- Zezolla Redesign
- Beleza (Beast princess) Redesign
- Alice Redesign
- Sirenetta Redesign
- Juliet art update
  • Listening to: What's your Deal Ryu-Gi
  • Reading: One-Punch Man
  • Watching: A Certian Scientific Railgun S
  • Playing: League of Legends....still
alright lets put this space to use again.
To do List
Void Related
- Lex intro pages
- Bullet Princess Intropages
- Horizon Page Tag
- Think of something to write for Black Stripe
- Satin vs Andy Heller
- Veronica vs Tsumi rematch

Princess War
- Need to rename Schneewicchen
- Zezolla Redesign
- Beleza (Beast princess) Redesign
- Alice Redesign
- Sirenetta Redesign
- Juliet art update

Also I'm taking Commissions.  My rate is simple: 20 bucks will get you the best of what I can do.  You want just a head shot? 20 bucks.  Full body? 20 bucks.  Backgrounds? 20 bucks.  A comic featuring your character? Join :iconentervoid: and fight me for it.  Otherwise, 20 bucks for whatever you ask for and I will do the best I can.
- Losing
- Dogs
- Ponies
- China
- Sports.  All of them.
- Lag
- Dust
- Dubstep
- remembering the past
- having no money
- everything about cars
- Random disconnects
- drawing on the wrong layer
- attempting to draw something for hours and never getting it right
- imouto fetish
- mousy characters in anime
- boring characters in void
- poorly written void battles
- the fact that black bikinis have been ruined for me forever.
- getting sick right before a deadline
- allergies
- carpal tunnel syndrome
- accidentally biting into a coconut cookie without knowing it.
- unintentionally smashing a body part against the sharp edge of a desk.
- being intentionally startled
- Feelings of being left in the dust skill-wise
- Feelings of being invisible
- Being expected to do something right the first time without any training.
- Being expected to like something because I'm a guy.
- Being expected to not like something because I'm a guy.
- The American Government's denial of my citizenship for 26 years
- Racists
- Sexists
- Feminists that don't know who to attack so they end up attacking everyone.
- Crazy Catholics that condemn every thing I like as evil.
- People who think writing a good story is "super easy"
- People who complain about stereotypes and do nothing to break out of it.
- People who make assumptions about me.
- Attention whores
- Assholes on the internet that try to interfere with my game for no reason.
- Dumbass internet fads that people do.
- Nostalgia Otaku that dry hump Cowboy Bebop as the "best anime ever and everything else sucks"
- People who bash on the shit I like and try to convince me to not like something I really enjoy.
- People who talk up a storm but do nothing.
- People that bite my hand after I've extended it to try and help.
- People blinded by their own ego.

I am not in a good mood right now.
The Firt round of the tournament is up.…

Read my comic here:…

the Satin BB I've been working on is finally done.  like, the whole thing for reals this time.  Go read it.

right i have one of these now.  There will be art posted on there that I wont post on DA because shit sketches.
So uh, I dunno what to put on my journal anymore.  I spend all day drawing comics for :iconentervoid: and i never go outside.  I mean, I could complain about stuff but im sure nobody wants to hear that.  I guess I'll use journals as to do lists from now on.

Cue vs Sonny Del Salvador (almost done)
Bullet Princess's Intro pages (one page finished)
Satin vs Lady Vanity part 2 BB (5 pages finished)
Anti-Cupid's Valentines (Cue BB for Valentines day)
Veronica Nightingale vs Tiffany Dropkick (needs to happen)
Satin vs Lilyfeather (cannot happen until im finished with the BB)
Satin vs Andy Heller
Cue vs Mammon

White Princess Redesign (now with armor)
Beast Princess Redesign (still trying the boxer angle)
Capt. Sirenetta Redesign (now with a shirt)
Midnight Princess Redesign (super moe)
Princess of Hearts Redesign (100% more justified)
Hollywood Maclaren Redesign (still can't nail an interesting skimpy outfit)

Something Soul Calibur related (most likely with Pyrrha or Amy)
something Symphogear related
LilyFeather (there no word to describe how much i love this character)

Killer Syndicate 3 (low priority)
Something Void related (still cant decide on what)
yeah, so I've done a LOT of battles on :iconentervoid: and never update my journal.  Let's chronicle what I've been up to since I came back.  I'm on break now, because my hand hurts every time i clutch the tablet stylus.  But if you want a shot at me, join entervoid and we'll do battle.


Veronica Nightingale in The Gap of 5 Years. May 3rd…

Cue vs Elle. May 11th…

Veronica Nightingale vs Tsumi. May 27th…

Cue vs Jessie Valley. June 22…

Veronica Nightingale vs Trix. June 29th…

Cue vs Everose Lovehaven (NSFW because naked fairies). August 15th…

Koosh Koosh vs Veronica Nightingale (Wacky Races Round 1). August 26th…

Satin vs Gregory Howling (Scar Match). September 4th…

Merrick vs Veronica Nightingale (Wacky Races Round 2). September 10th…


Cue vs Gwen & Regi. October 18th…

Cue vs Dipuc. Nov 1st…

Florence Ailey vs Cue. Nov 17th…

Satin vs Lady Vanity Dec 4th…

no rest for me. ever.